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Venturesome Kisses

by Vusi Moloi


Contextual Commentary

Forbidden grounds of love cast their spell.  The naivety of love sweetens the love that exists like a desert flower.   Deprived of water, the flower waits underground until, when the rains fall, it springs to life, knowing that the rain will soon be gone.

From A Goodbye To My Little Troubles by Vusi Moloi Canada

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Venturesome Kisses
On the narrow path we converged
Heart-warming kisses we exchanged
Blanketed by the African nightfall
In the bushy trees near the Kalahari
Every kiss a sweet windfall safari
Into the night under the stellar universe
We traded hugs to a heart's content
Stars blinked at lovers' romance
Creaking insects melodious dance
The adventure of forbidden kisses
Surpassed all perils that awaited us
The forbidden kisses were true
Each kiss sweetened by the African dew
Like a dew wetting the tulips
Mouth-watering kisses grazed the lips
A sweet kiss in the killer jungle
Tasted sweeter than life itself
Life-extending kisses in the bush
Were ended too soon by ambush
The kisses were punctuated
with indelible blood
when the umbilical cord
snapped between brutal scissors
by perils belying the path
on forbidden grounds
Now beyond the great Atlantic
The heart still crying
for a fugitive of Keetmanshoop
As though I am still hooked
on the memory of the past
this hook is tearing me
Like a fish in a hook of its own