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The Trapezoidal Drum

by Vusi Moloi


Contextual Commentary

The Ndengese people of the Congo possess a unique drum, referred to by observers a a trapezoidal drum, because of it's shape.  This drum is a mathematical artifact of this region which has contributed various mathematical forms, including prime numbers embodied in the now celebrated artifact   Ishango Bone currently held at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in Brussels, Belgium.  In the author's scholarly paper, the "The Golden Rays of the African Sun" published in the anthology of essays and short stories The Heart of Our Community, the author elaborates further about the history of mathematics and the contributions made by the African continent, including Calculus.

From A Goodbye To My Little Troubles by Vusi Moloi Canada

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The Trapezoidal Drum
To salute Ndengese's trapezium
To adore the trapezoidal drum
The convergence of parallelism
The convergence of divergent lines
To craft a drumming trapezium
To usher a triumvirate phenomenon
Volumetric sounds of the trapezium
Thunderous like the heaven's symposium
To praise ancestors via a trapezium
To praise them via a trapezoidal drum
To recall genesis via scattered lines
To converge them via  the shrines
To diverge towards convergence
To diverge away from convergence
Disproportionate lines of parallelism
The asymmetrical beauty of trapezium
To conceal their origin in the structure
To conceal indomitable claws like a vulture
Great trapezoid Ndengese's legend
Mathematically aware Ndengese's descendant